Network Device Audit

configuration audit

Network devices are crucial for the operation of any organisation, and their compromise can have a huge impact, which can be immediately quantifiable in terms of lost revenue and productivity. A network device audit by Perspective Risk provides a comprehensive and detailed security audit of network components such as switches and routers, to ensure that weaknesses in their configuration are identified and remediated, reducing the risk of a security incident.

S-Link’s technical configuration audit process is highly customized to suit the organisation’s network infrastructure.

The audit process broadly consists of auditing the perimeter devices, network devices such as firewall, routers, switches, load balancers, IPS, IDS and Server Systems such as Domain Controllers, File Servers, FTP Servers, Email Servers, Proxy Servers, Antivirus Servers and Databases comprising network architecture.

For all In-scope Hosts, S-link will analyze various components of identified operating systems using automated tools and manual techniques to identify known vulnerabilities in categories such as:

⇒Security Patch Levels

⇒File Permissions / Registry Permissions (if applicable)


⇒File Systems

⇒Users/groups present on the system

⇒Services running

⇒Network Configurations

⇒Event Logging

⇒Database Configurations

⇒Version specific vulnerabilities

The technical audit checks will be selected specifically for the devices, servers systems, and databases under the scope.