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Network Pentesting

The primary objective for a network penetration test is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, systems, hosts and network devices before hackers are able to discover and exploit them.

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Network Device Audit

Audit process broadly consists of auditing the perimeter devices, network devices such as firewall, routers, switches, load balancers, IPS, IDS and Server Systems such as Domain Controllers, File Servers etc.

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Website pentesting

The main objective of website penetration testing is to find the vulnerability in the websites. This is solely because website are open to internet and hence can potentially expose sensitive data which interests the evil hackers.

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Cyber Crime Investigation

Today in the modern Cyber Era, where everything is getting dependent on Computers and Internet, the Crime rate is also increasing; where computer and other digital devices play a vital role.

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Digital Forensics

Digital forensics has existed for as long as computers have stored data that could be used as evidence. For many years, digital forensics was performed primarily by government agencies but has become common in the commercial sector over the past several years.

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Our Aim is to Develop students and build the Cyber Security team which can lead to provide Cyber Security. Securityleaks provides various courses related to Cyber security like Android Reloaded, Ethical Hacking, and many more courses.

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S-Link Cyber Solutions provides Information Technology and Services , Information security services for software, mobile devices and network. We are motivated to provide our clients with specially tailored services providing protection against external as well as internal threats and reduce business risk to improve security posture, achieve regulatory compliance and increase efficiency. At S-link, we follow a unique methodology that is a result of our expertise, experience and a blend of internationally accepted and acclaimed industry standards. Our goal is to provide security in totality, which ensures that every possible facet of an information threat is covered during our engagement. We endeavour to maintain and create a sense of reliability with our clients to establish a long-time relationship and continue to cater to their future security needs.

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