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April 7, 2018

Ethical hacking Course

Ethical hacking Course in pune

A White-Hat hacker is an ultimate security professional that possesses the same skill as Hacker but uses it in the Ethical way to secure network. He finds out the weaknesses or vulnerabilities in target systems & secures those vulnerabilities.

An ethical hacker’s role is similar to that of a penetration tester, but it involves broader duties. Ethical Hacker breaks into systems legally & ethically (i.e. with targets permission), which is the primary difference between ethical hackers and Hackers.

The course in Ethical Hacking is the pinnacle of the most desired information security training program any information security professional will ever want to be in.

We at S-link are focusing to provide an Ethical Hacking course training in Pune to take you one step further in Cyber Security.

ethical hacking course in pune

The purpose of the Ethical Hacking Course

This ethical hacking course provides you a hands-on environment with a systematic process, where, you will be exposed to an entirely different way of achieving optimal information security posture; by hacking it! As an Ethical Hacker, you will scan, test, hack as well as secure your own systems.

Ethical Hacking Course Outline

  • Basics of Ethical Hacking
  • Information Gathering methods
  • Google hacking
  • Scanning tools and techniques
  • Enumeration techniques and countermeasures
  • System Hacking
  • Steganography
  • Keylogger and Malware threats
  • Packet sniffing techniques and mitigation
  • Social engineering techniques


  • DOS and DDOS techniques
  • Hijacking Session, cookies & mitigation
  • Hacking Web Applications & mitigation
  • Hacking Web Servers
  • SQL injection, XSS, & CSRF attacks
  • Wireless Hacking & Wi-Fi Security tools
  • Android hacking & mitigation
  • Bypass IDS, Firewall, and Honeypots
  • Cloud computing threats
  • Cryptography Attacks and Ciphers
  • IoT Hacking & Countermeasures
  • Vulnerability Analysis and generating reports 


This course will significantly benefit to:

  • UG / Graduates / Post-graduates
  • Network and IT Auditors
  • Security Professionals
  • Website Administrators / Software Testers / Developers
  • Or anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.


  • Awarded with Industry grade certificate
  • Hands-on-experience on live projects
  • Membership of Securityleaks
  • Paid internship for Three Months*
  • Free technical support by mentors
  • Software Tool Kit
  • Study and Training material
  • 100% Placement Assistance

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